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In this hectic city life, it's easy to overlook the demands of our skin. However, beautiful skin needs our care and love. So, let's take a moment and listen to your skin's breath and choose the perfect skincare partner for it.

Raw Materials Of The Product Research And Development
Raw Materials Of The Product Research And Development
Tiens beauty skin care products integrate cutting-edge biotechnology, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence technology, and are not only committed to providing excellent skin care experience, but also adhering to product safety and environmental protection standards. Through the careful selection of natural, non-irritating ingredients and the use of sustainable production processes, Tiens products not only care for the skin, but also actively advocate an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle.
Tiens Group has more than 20 production bases, life science technology research institutes and global quality inspection and testing centers around the world. At the same time, the Group also has a postdoctoral workstation and a national enterprise technology center, as well as an academician workstation and a Nobel laureate workstation jointly established with Tiens Institute of Life Science and Technology and Tiens College, providing strong scientific and technological support for the company's R&D and innovation.
Career Advantages
Career Advantages
Tiens Group, as a leader in the direct selling industry, has always adhered to the field of big health industry since its establishment 33 years ago. Behind its steady rise and high-quality development, it is inseparable from its unique ”one body and multi-wings“ industrial model. This model provides dealers with a solid product experience, supply chain management and logistics supply guarantee, ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.

Helping The People Around World

Make millions of families happier

Tiens has gone through 33 years of development, always adhering to the corporate mission of 'Serving society by helping people live healthy successful lives.' It has helped tens of thousands of families achieve both health and wealth.

As the monther of a mountaineer, I know how difficult and challenging it is to climb the peak. At the same time, I am also a strong supporter of Tiens products. However, when my son tried to reach the summit of Mount Everest, he was unable to accomplish this feat due to the body's lack of oxygen and other reactions. In order to help him enhance his physical strength and regulate his physique, I started to let him take Tiens products. After a period of conditioning and preparation, he finally took the flag of Tiens and successfully climbed Mount Everest, realizing our common dream.

It has been 22 years since I joined Tiens in 1998. Today, although I am 85 years old, thanks to the long-term use of Tiens products, my body and face seem to be younger than my actual age. What's even more gratifying is that I haven't even used any medication for over 20 years. All this is due to the companionship and support of Tiens. Here, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Tiens.

I am 74 years old this year. Previously, due to a lack of calcium in my body, I accidentally fell and suffered a compression fracture of my first lumbar vertebrae, forcing me to stay in bed for a long time to recuperate. With the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend, I started to take Tiens calcium. After a period of continuous supplementation, my physical condition gradually improved, and I was finally able to resume normal walking and life. I deeply feel that Tiens calcium has a significant effect and plays a vital role in my health recovery.

28 years ago, I set foot in Tiens and was personally received by Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Li carefully described to us the grand blueprint for the future of Tiens, and his tenacious spirit of struggle deeply moved me, making me decide to stay. Nowadays, with the companionship of Tiens, I have achieved both health and wealth.