Tiens Group attended the direct selling enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility 3.15 Roundtable Symposium ?

2024-03-05 13:00:00 ?

On March 1st, the 3.15 Roundtable Symposium on Direct Selling Enterprises' Fulfillment of Social Responsibilities, hosted by the State Administration for Market Regulation's Bureau of Price Supervision and Anti-Unfair Competition, was held in Beijing.Ms. Wu Xi, Vice President of the Group and President of China, attended the meeting on behalf of the company. imageThe scene of the 3.15 roundtable symposium for direct selling enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities

At the meeting, 62 direct selling enterprises signed a letter of commitment to make self-discipline commitments to the whole society of "standardizing operation and promoting assured consumption". The relevant person in charge of the regulatory department pointed out in the forum that effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers is one of the primary responsibilities of direct selling enterprises. Since the promulgation and implementation of the "Guidelines for Direct Selling Enterprises to Fulfill Social Responsibilities" in 2013, various direct selling enterprises have made certain achievements by taking the initiative to fulfill their legal, economic, moral and social responsibilities as required.

During the symposium, direct selling enterprises unanimously expressed that they would resolutely prevent and resist illegal activities such as pyramid schemes and affiliation, strengthen internal management and risk control, properly handle consumer disputes, and continue to fulfill their social responsibilities while achieving their own standardized and orderly development. They would also play an active role in employment and entrepreneurship, promoting consumption, rural revitalization, poverty alleviation, healthy China and attracting foreign investment. During the symposium, representatives of direct selling enterprises read out the "Self-discipline Commitment Letter for Standardized Operation of Direct Selling Enterprises", solemnly promising to abide by laws and regulations, resist affiliate operations, prevent pyramid schemes and frauds, strengthen internal management, strengthen risk control, actively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and abide by business ethics.

Ms. Wu Xi spoke on behalf of Tiens Group. As a representative of private direct enterprises, Tiens will implement the work spirit of the General Administration without compromise, not shirking responsibility and dare to take responsibility, and set an example for ensuring the order of the direct selling market and the healthy and orderly development of the direct selling industry.

The conference reviewed the positive achievements of direct selling enterprises in fulfilling their social responsibilities over the past 10 years through video playback. Tiens Group has been adhering to and practicing the corporate culture of "derived from society, serving society" and the love philosophy of "feeling love, creating love, and transmitting love" in its 33-year development, striving to ensure that all people, regardless of race, belief, and background, voluntarily lend a helping hand to the sick, the poor, and the disadvantaged; promote respect for life, human values and potential; provide selfless care, care for life and health, help the poor, and provide opportunities for children to learn. Up to now, the group has invested 20 billion yuan in education and public welfare charity.

Singing the song of public welfare, using music to give children wings of dreams ?

-Tiens Group's "Care for Deaf Children, Warm the Silent World" condolence activity

There is a world where there is no noise, but only sincere hearts communicating silently. In a corner we have never noticed, there is a group of people who look like they have no weaknesses but know their own weaknesses. They are the children with hearing impairment. These children are in the best period of their growth. Like their peers, they long for warmth, happiness, and a normal life like ordinary people.

In 2023, Tiens Group organized a "Caring for Deaf Children, Warming the Silent World" welfare activity. The leader of the Little Dolphin Deaf Children Choir, Xiao Ling, said passionately at the welfare event that Tiens Group not only built a free and convenient talent stage for children to participate in, but also provided a platform for public welfare volunteers to participate in charity. In this special concert, Tiens Group's pure love for children shines everywhere. For deaf children, they touch the world through perception, understand the world, and open the world's voice in a unique way. Tiens Group hopes that through this activity, these "kissed by angels" children can feel the love of society for them, and hopes that music can become the wings of their dreams.

imageTiens Group's "Care for Deaf Children, Warm the Silent World" condolence activity

Share patriotic feelings and gather strength for progress ?

——Tiens Group Party Committee carried out a series of party building activities

The extraordinary achievements of Tiens over the past 30 years are fundamentally due to the Party's good policies of reform and opening up, the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, and the care and support of Party committees and governments at all levels. Over the years, we have always believed in the Party committees and governments, firmly relied on them, emphasized politics and overall situation, been responsible and courageous, listened to the Party's words and followed the Party's footsteps, practiced corporate mission, fulfilled social responsibility, promoted consumption and solved employment, and made our due contributions to China's social development and economic prosperity!

imageTiens Group's "Carry forward the spirit of the Great Wall and inspire the power of forging ahead" party building activity

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March 5, 2024

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