Tiens is a leader in the health industry from a global perspective ?

2024-01-16 ?

ON JANUARY 14, 2024, "HELLO Tiens· HELLO AI, Tiens Group Global Business Development Strategy Press Conference 2024, with the theme of "World Opportunities Focus on Tiens and Propel Fission of the Global Economy" was grandly held.

Mr. Li Jinyuan, Boarding Chairman of Tiens Group, Ms. Diana Pang, President of the Institute of International Economic Strategy and Chairman of MetaPoint Global Elites Club, Mr. Wang Fei/Leo, CEO of Tiens Group, and Mr. Chen Rui, CIO of Tiens Group, attended the press conference, and many well-known media from China and overseas were invited to attend.


The day before yesterday, Mr. Li Jinyuan, Boarding Chairman of Tiens Group, lit the flame at Tiens International Health Industrial Park, symbolizing the flame of wealth and health from Tiens to all over the world. Tiens Group launched the high-end international platform of "Link up with world, gathering elites" - MetaPoint Global Elites Club. It gathers global resources to promote the common prosperity of the world economy.


At the press conference, the launching ceremony of Tiens Global Filial Piety Culture Day was held, and Ms. Diana Pang, President of the Institute of International Economic Strategy, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony. The meeting also released V-Moment, a global social platform developed by Tiens Group, which can support 50,000 people to hold cross-regional online video meetings, support 120-second online voice message and voice forwarding, and support the translation function of 83 languages around the world.


The press conference kicked off the prelude to the global strategic development of Tiens in 2024 and was an important milestone for Tiens Group to further promote the development of the global economy.

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Integration of Nature And Science
After 33 years, Tiens has explored a path to health that blends nature and technology. Extracting natural raw materials and integrating modern science and technology to ensure that the body obtains the necessary nutrients and maintains optimal health.
Unlock The Secret of Self-Confidence
The concept of beauty is not universal. Whether it is the brilliance of makeup or the plumpness and suppleness of healthy skin, the purpose of our pursuit of beauty is the same: self-confidence. After numerous scientific experiments, Tiens has developed the most optimal skin care products.
Make Your Home Your Own
Your home is your personal space. A place that encompasses the body and the soul. As such it is important to care for and decorate your home.
Boost Your Natural Immunity
In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, immunity can also be improved through the intake of nutrients.