Cultivating a deep sense of patriotism, Tiens Group interprets the essence of entrepreneurship in the new era. ?

2024-01-20 ?

Patriotism has always been the noble tradition inherited by outstanding contemporary Chinese enterprises, constituting the core element and eternal backdrop of their enterprise spirit. As an outstanding representative of Chinese national enterprises, Tiens Group has always closely followed the leadership of the Party and the country during its 33-year glorious history. It shoulders the noble mission of serving the country and giving back to society through health. The company adheres to the corporate purpose of "promoting human health and contributing to social services", and deeply interprets its profound patriotism through its excellent development achievements.

"Although the marketing strategies of enterprises know no national boundaries, every entrepreneur deeply cherishes love and loyalty to their motherland. Mr. Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tiens Group, is such an exemplar. For many years, he has actively participated in party-building work, tying the fate of individuals and enterprises closely with the prosperity of the country.

The founding intention of Tiens Group is to "strengthen the physique of the Chinese people", using the health industry as a way to serve and strengthen the country. Mr. Li Jinyuan often says, "When a business is just starting, it perhaps carries more of the individual's dreams and pursuits; but as it gradually grows, it becomes a treasure of society and even a pride of the country. Regardless of where Tiens's business reaches in the world, our roots and soul remain deeply rooted in the soil of our motherland."

As a multinational enterprise dedicated to the health industry, Tiens Group has always closely linked its corporate spirit with the fate of the country. Under the leadership of Mr. Li Jinyuan, the group has always adhered to the core of the party and the country, interpreting its love and loyalty to the motherland through practical actions."


On the afternoon of January 14, 2024, to inspire the patriotism of all party members, the Tiens Group carefully organized a meaningful Red Ship recital. Outstanding party member representatives delivered passionate recitals, reviewing the century-long struggle of the Communist Party of China and deeply expounding on the original aspiration and mission of the Red Ship spirit. They hoped that through this event, the Red Ship spirit would take root in the hearts of every party member, constantly growing and thriving.

Over the past century, the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese nation and the Chinese people forward with perseverance, creating remarkable achievements that have attracted worldwide attention. In this process, the Chinese Communists have formed a series of precious spiritual treasures, constituting a unique spectrum of the Communist spirit. Among them, the "Red Ship spirit" is an important component of this spectrum. Despite a century of wind and rain tests, it still shines brilliantly, possessing strong vitality and contemporary value.

Through this Red Ship recital, the party members of the Tiens Group not only reviewed the history of the party but also strengthened their ideals and beliefs. They will continue to carry forward the Red Ship spirit and contribute their strength to the realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation.

On the morning of January 15, 2024, Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tiens Group, who has always deeply rooted patriotism in the development of his enterprise, along with Ms. Peng Dan, Director of the International Economic Strategy Research Institute, and in collaboration with international friends as well as all party members of the Tiens Group, traveled to the Juyongguan section of the Great Wall to carry out a meaningful theme party building activity. This activity aimed to inspire the employees of Tiens to cultivate a deeper love and loyalty towards their country by experiencing and understanding the spirit of the Great Wall firsthand. They aspired to become disseminators, proponents, and practitioners of patriotic spirit.


Mr. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tiens Group, and Ms. Peng Dan, President of the International Economic Strategy Research Institute, along with international friends, gathered at the top of the Great Wall and led all party members in singing "My Country and Me" with deep patriotism. Through this act, they expressed their strong sense of patriotism and united the powerful force of endeavor. In the journey of Tiens's cause, they firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the glow of the Five-Star Red Flag, and the majestic witness of the Great Wall, they will move forward without hesitation, create new glories, and climb new peaks!

On the afternoon of January 15th, fellow party members continued to uphold their red memories and together visited the Great Wall Spirit Inheritance Museum. Guided by museum staff, they learned about the important role of the ancient Chinese Wall in resisting invasion, and about the great spirit forged by the Communist Party of China throughout its long-term struggle. During the visit, everyone listened attentively to the explanations and observed the historical exhibits in the museum. By reviewing the century-long struggle of the Communist Party of China, they deeply remembered the glorious journey of the Party's century-long struggle and resolved to inherit and carry forward the great spirit forged by the Party through its long-term struggle.

After the event, comrades-in-arms gathered at the Great Wall Spirit Inheritance Hall solemnly faced the Party flag, and jointly reviewed their oath of joining the Party, deeply reminiscing about their original intention of joining the Party. With loud and powerful voices, they recited the oath, demonstrating the profound affection and firm belief of each Party member towards the Party and the country. At this moment, they not only revisited the lofty spirit of their predecessors, but also strengthened their resolve to inherit the red genes, persevere in the struggle, and fulfill the responsibilities of the times. As they made the oath, the hearts of the Party members underwent a new purification, and their ideological horizons were elevated, injecting new vitality into their future struggles.


Over the past 33 years of development, the Tiens Group has consistently fulfilled the responsibilities and mission of a patriotic enterprise. Guided by patriotism, it has actively assumed social responsibilities and conveyed love while achieving wealth. The Group has invested in public welfare undertakings, given back to the country and society, and striven to become an outstanding national enterprise that meets the requirements of the new era. Through this themed activity, the Party members of the Tiens Group have deeply understood the profound connotation of the great cause and revolutionary spirit of the Party while tracing the red footprint. Taking this opportunity, all Party members will unite closely, hold the motherland in their hearts, aim high, be grounded, create brilliant lives through tireless efforts, and contribute their meager strength to the prosperity of the motherland and the happiness of the people.

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