The Core Value Of The Tiens Brand

One World One Family

“Home ? World” means gathering families into a whole world, treating the world as one family. Bringing tens of millions of families together to form a great force. This is the meaning of the world, and it brings everyone in the whole world. The family is viewed as a united family; it is the spirit of Tiens to expand the world.



Director of Channel Marketing

Job Responsibilities

Independently undertake the marketing promotion of social apps, continuously innovate customer acquisition models and strategies, ensure stable growth in user scale and optimize the return on investment (ROI). Actively expand customer acquisition channels, plan and implement channel placement strategies, provide timely data analysis reports based on placement effects, and adjust strategies accordingly. Independently design and implement user fission strategies, taking responsibility for the scale of fission and ROI. Maintain good relationships with channels, media, and other cooperation partners, and establish and maintain a positive corporate image.

Group Procurement Director

Job Responsibilities

Strategic planning: Conduct procurement business planning and goal setting according to the company's development strategic planning; procurement system management: Build and optimize the procurement system, optimize processes and systems, and organize implementation; supplier management: Select, evaluate, and manage suppliers to improve product quality and reduce costs; product development: Develop competitive products according to market demand to meet market demand.

Director of Online Operations

Job Responsibilities

Responsible for planning the overall operational strategy of the global healthy lifestyle social product V-moment, dedicated to building and improving the user system, content ecosystem, and operational strategy to ensure the continuous growth of the daily active user count (DAU) of the overall business. I have a deep understanding of the content ecology of social products and can deeply understand user needs. I possess a mature methodology and output effective strategies to enhance content activity and other areas.

Director of Cost Department

Job Responsibilities

Carefully review the budget and settlement agreements of engineering projects to ensure accuracy; strictly audit and review the negotiation and certification of engineering changes to ensure the smooth progress of the project; conduct approval management of progress payments and payments to ensure the rationality and efficiency of fund use; comprehensively manage the pre-settlement and settlement of the project to ensure that the project cost is controlled within a reasonable range; and be responsible for formulating target costs to provide strong support for project decision-making.

Project Operation and Maintenance Engineer

Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of company project software product deployment, online, system monitoring, and emergency response system operation and maintenance, service monitoring analysis, and troubleshooting; responsible for maintaining the k8s cluster; responsible for software configuration management: version control, access management, code management, configuration item inventory review, etc.

Assistant to the Chairman of the Board Office

Job Responsibilities

Skills with a high attention to detail,We currentlyhave a opportunity for an experienced ExecutiveAssistant to join Tiensgroup, based in Tianjin.Reporting to the CEO, you will be confident in yourability to act as an extension of the office, usingyour highly developed attention to detail andorganizational skills,including a passion for planning, to ensure the effective administration ofthe executive office.