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In 1963, Martin Luther King delivered a famous speech titled "I Have a Dream", motivating billions of people around the world to strive for their dreams. Since childhood, I also have a dream, which is to use my own efforts to safeguard the happiness and health of more people. So, for decades, with dreams in mind, we have adhered to our original aspirations, led Tiens, and forged ahead, always committed to the big health industry. So far, our business has covered 224 countries and regions. We have provided high-quality health products, health care

services, and a happy life. ?

In fact, we used to be very small, located in a corner on the shore of an ancient canal. However, just then, we hold onto a great dream in our hearts, which is to "healthy humanity and serve society". People with dreams always strive on the road. On August 3, 1995, Tiens unique business model has embarked on a long journey towards the cause of great health. Along the way, Tiens has spread health and career, wealth, love, and hope, striving to create an internationally renowned brand belonging to the Chinese nation, this is the dream of the Tienspeople, and

it's also my dream! ?

Looking back into history, Tiens roses in the East and developed globally. In 1995, Tiens unique business model, opening up the path of global development. Since its establishment in 1992, Tiens Group having gone through a glorious entrepreneurial journey, accumulating a profound cultural heritage, and establishing an advanced the modern enterprise system has achieved a transformation towards high-tech, internationalization, and globalization three major leaps forward, forming strategic alliances with numerous outstanding enterprises around the world, and working together deeply collaborate, amplify resource effects, and form a global comprehensive competitive strength and brand enjoyment a multinational enterprise group renowned internationally.

Life never stops, hard working never stops. The resolute Tiens people have created one big health thing after another the legend of industry. Drawing from the extensive and profound field of Eastern health preservation culture that was initially deeply cultivated, and drawing on nature essence and modern hightech achievements provide high-quality reliable and diversified health products, guided by the theory of new replacement and transcendence, supported by the new cross-border strategy of One Body Multiple Wings, expanding the global market, and conducting research and development and procurement globally high quality products in the field of health, strengthened display, demonstration, and experience, expanded product categories, expanded service areas, and built a globally unified operation and management sharing system, education training sharing system, logistics supply sharing system, commodity procurement sharing system, customs clearance report inspection sharing system, fund payment sharing system, legal and tax sharing system, cross-border e-commerce the sharing system, customer service sharing system, and talent team sharing system have established a solid foundation a thick, promising, and valuable global platform and channel.

Over time, true love endures forever. ?

In the process of development, love has always been stationed in Tiens people's heart. "Originating from society and returning to society" is the eternal belief of Tiens people. In the while building a world-renowned international brand, Tiens Group actively fulfills its responsibilities as an enterprise corporate social responsibility, honest and trustworthy, operate in accordance with the law, and promote the development of the industry and regional economy. At the same time, actively invest physical education, public welfare, charity, and so far, in global education, public welfare, and charity activities the cumulative investment in the industry has reached 20 billion yuan, of which over 17 billion yuan has been invested the construction of the new campus of Tianjin Tianshi college. What makes me feel relieved and proud is that since 1999 until today, Tianjin Tianshi college has provided many excellent students and services to the society, serving the country.

The development of Tiens Group cannot be separated from the open policies, support and care of the Party and government, and cannot be separated from the strong support and care from all over the world and cannot be separated from global employees and the hard work and passionate dedication of our partners. Here, I sincerely say: Thank you all!

Tiens will always carry the dream and passion of pursuing the cause of great health, and strive to be the industry leader, together with global brothers and sisters, create the world together, and create a global alliance a brand new future, achieving your dream, achieving my dream, achieving their dreams, working together, achieving happiness!


Li Jinyuan

Chairman of Tiens Group

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